Dramatically increase your capacity for innovation and continuous improvement

Capture Any Idea

Any subject, anytime, anyone, anywhere. Employees can publish their ideas to save money or improve internal processes. Enable and encourage peer-to-peer learning and collaboration. Everyone can vote, prioritise and make and rate comments. The best ideas bubble to the top. .

Target Real Problems

Create a special brainstorming Event. An Ideas "session" calls for focused thoughts on a specific problem or opportunity to uncover real solutions. Sessions can be company-wide or “by invitation” only, with or without voting. The Session Host summarises and encourages participation.

Departmental Ideas

It’s easy to create permanent Departmental “Think Tanks” for Departments or Directorates where you never ignore an idea nor neglect a contributor. Great for complementing departmental ideas meetings or best practice knowledge…


Take prioritised ideas to the next stage through stakeholder consultation. A complete consultation management system is embedded in OrganisedFeedback! Surveys + eConsultation + Forums + Document and Content management.

An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it*

Our idea: let's create an ideas product that is so easy and so advantageous to use, that people actually USE it!


"One of the major reasons we chose the Organised Feedback idea management system was its ease of use. It is idea management software that needs no participant training at all! It is so simple to customise, set moderation, create special idea sessions and publish success stories. I love it!"
Sue W. - N.E. Lincs


"Employee Voice met our immediate and longer term requirements for idea management and innovation. While we considered other providers we found that it provided the level of professionalism, value, intuitiveness and reporting that we were looking for in idea management software."
Michelle S - Aberdeen City Council

Who needs OrganisedFeedback?


Michael Dell's employee community flew high on launch and generates great ideas. Listening to all stakeholders and being able to filter and prioritise their ideas and initiatives in a systematic way is the key to sustainable success.


Accelerate Software Innovation. Create real involvement and ownership. In Software, constant development is needed and nourished by the flow of ideas. Ideas to create new products, improve existing ones, shorten development time and of course stick to budget!


Patients, public, healthcare providers, life sciences and researchers - their ideas and experience shared will improve service, products and processes.


Sam Walton of Walmart knew that it was vital to listen, listen listen to the people who do the work! Counter staff, merchandisers, buyers, window dressers, store managers, cleaners... Ideas, vibrancy, engagement, ownership - all will come from staff sharing ideas and initiatives to save and make money.

Financial Services

Financial Services companies need solid ideas from committed employees which create value. Customer facing or screen facing, it's people that deliver increased productivity and profit.


Citizen Voice - People Power and Participative Democracy. Augment formal Consultation with Crowd-Sourced Ideas and Dialogues. Now it's easy to let citizens suggest, vote on and discuss ideas to improve policy making at both national and local level.

Charities & NfP

Inspire change and co-opportunity with Charity IdeaShare. The first Global Charity Ideas sharing platform - with Charities in developing countries getting Charity Idea Share FREE.


Ideas from students, ideas from staff, ideas from Nobel prize winners, ideas from cleaners... Openly develop, prioritise and share ideas, both with the people you work with but also with partners and stakeholders in other organisations.